Ultimate Dreams 9 Inch Crazy Euro Top Mattress Review


Ultimate-Dreams-9-Inch-Crazy-Mattress-EuroTopEveryone deserves to sleep like royalty. Getting yourself a mattress fit for royalty, however, requires that you dig deep into your pockets. That is until ultimate dreams 9-inch crazy euro top mattress was created. This mattress offers firmness and contouring designed for kings albeit at the most affordable price. At the core of the mattress are two layers of Trizone support offering you just the right amount of firmness as you sleep. No more saving up to get that great mattress. Ultimate dreams are going to get you sleeping like a queen for a fraction of the cost.

Product Features and Specifications

Materials: The mattress is made of high-density foam at the core. The foam is covered with cotton. It also contains euro top padding for extra comfort.

Sizes: There are five sizes of this mattress available. The first is Twin XL. Twin XL is long. It is 79 inches by 38 inches by 9 inches and weighs only thirty pounds. The queen size is relatively shorter. It is 79 inches by 60ninches by 9 inches. It weighs 40 pounds. Full XL is the third category. It is 79 inches by 54 inches by 9 inches. It weighs about thirty-eight pounds. The Twin is the shorter version of Twin XL. It is 74 inches by 34 inches by 9 inches and weighs twenty-five pounds. The last size is Full. Full is has a slightly lower weight compared to Full XL. It weighs 33 pounds. It is shorter than Full XL at 74 inches by 54 inches by 9 inches.

Thickness: It is has a thickness of nine inches. This gives it medium firmness.

Comfort: The mattress has convoluted foam layers at the core. These have additional Trizone support.The mattress is able to conform to the shape of your body when you sleep. This feature allows it to provide enough support and relieve pressure. It also provides a buffer against movement so that if one person moves on the mattress, the other person does not feel the movement.

Durability: This mattress starts to sag after a few years due to its medium thickness. However, the mattress may be able to serve you well for about six years before you have to replace it.

Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • The mattress is very firm. The firmness can be attributed to the convoluted form at the core together with Trizone support.
  • It is of high quality. The materials used in manufacture are all sourced from the United States. Maximum care is taken when choosing the materials so that the resulting mattress is of very high quality. It has Centaur certification which means it meets the appropriate quality specifications.
  • It offers excellent spinal support. This is due to its ability to contour. When an individual turns, the mattress changes shape to offer maximum support and relieve pressure. Thus, it is great for both back sleepers and side sleepers.
  • It comes in neutral colors. The mattress comes in white or beige. These colors will blend in perfectly with most of the home décor.
  • The product comes within three layers of thick plastic packaging. This makes the mattress easy to fold up and carry around. It also prevents destruction to the product during transportation and shipping. The layers are also very easy to remove.
  • It expands easily. Within a few minutes of unwrapping the mattress from the package, the mattress expands to the desired size. Therefore, it can be used immediately after installation.

The Cons

  • It is large therefore transporting it is difficult. Carrying it may be a challenge when moving houses or during delivery.
  • It lacks durability. Its’ medium firmness ensures that the mattress sags. It will give the owner good service for a few years then it has to be replaced.
  • The edges of the mattress are not thick. They are also uneven. They are not nine inches like the rest of the mattress. Therefore with continuous use, the edges could wear out fast.

Customer Opinions

Customers generally appreciated the mattress for its firmness. They found that it was solid and comfortable enough for them to sleep on. However, durability was a major concern for most customers. Customer satisfaction rate declined with the number of years they had used the mattress. Those who had used it for one year were satisfied while those who had used it for about three years complained of sagging and creation of spaces. Another feature that customers loved was the pocket outline. Many reported that the outline enabled them to curl inside and decreased movement while sleeping. Other customers were particularly satisfied with the 9-inch thickness of the mattress.

A few reported that the edges were not as thick as the center and wore out very quickly. Another flipside reported by customers was that it may not expand fully. Some customers expected it to expand to nine inches but it came short by about two inches. The mattress was lauded for its softness. Customers with back problems found this mattress the most comfortable due to the great spinal support it offers. All in all, customers feel that Ultimate Dreams is firm and comfortable but not particularly durable.

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Final Verdict

The quality of sleep you have is largely dependent on the type of mattress you are sleeping on. The mattress should at the very least, be comfortable and firm enough to offer maximum support. Ultimate Dreams 9-inch Euro Foam Mattress goes a step further. It also conforms to the shape of your body so that it is soft where it needs to be soft and hard where you want it to be hard. It also prevents movement so that your sleep is undisturbed throughout the night; just like a king. The different sizes also give you a wide array to choose from .It also costs less than other foam mattresses. If you are looking to sleep like royalty at a fraction of the cost, Ultimate Dreams 9-inch Euro Foam Mattress would be your best bet.

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