Sleep Master Memory Foam 14 Inch Mattress Review


Sleep Master Memory Foam 14 Inch Grand MattressThe purchase of a mattress if of significant importance, this is where you intend to afford your body the much-needed rest at the end of every tiring day. You should spend your money on a reliable mattress of high quality, healthy, and above all, entirely comfortable allowing you a rejuvenating sleep. The Sleep Master 14-inch Memory Foam Mattress is the latest advancement in memory foam evolution, with a comfortable foam support replacing the traditional petroleum with natural plant oil, which helps to keep this mattress fresh, and ensures a series of continual pleasant nights’ sleep.

Product Features and Specifications

Thickness: This mattress has an overall thickness of 14 inches, constituting five different layers which include a single inch of quilted cover memory foam, pressure relieving comfort foam of 3.5 inches, a high-density base supporting foam of 3.5 inches, 3.5 inches of airflow foam, and 2.5 inches of memory foam.

Materials: This mattress is made of CertiPUR-US foam-foam of only the highest quality, certified for content, durability, and performance plus natural plant oil, which helps to maintain the freshness of the mattress.

Size: This mattress is a perfect fit for the king frame box spring set, weighing in at 128.7 pounds and measuring 76 inches by 80 inches by 14 inches.

Comfort: With the pressure relieving comfort foam offering optimum pressure point relief, plus the high-density base supporting foam providing ultimate stability, and the memory foam allowing for the response to shape as well as conformity to the various curves of your body, this mattress ensures a luxurious night-time comfort.

Durability: This mattress provides a long lasting stability and durability through the high-density base support foam, which significantly minimizes the development of sag even after long periods of use. It additionally comes with a limited warranty of ten years, assuring users of worry free usage.

Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Designed in the most advanced technological evolution of memory foam, this product employs natural plant oil in place of the traditional petroleum, ensuring a continual freshness.
  • This products’ highest quality of foam-foam, which is CertiPUR-US certified, assures users that this mattress has undergone a comprehensive testing and qualifies as a durable and high-performance product that would last over years of use.
  • The layers of this mattress provide for pressure point relief plus optimum comfort through the provision of maximum stability and the maintenance of recommended airflow, which leads to better regulation of temperatures.
  • The Smartly Shipped technology conveniently allows for this mattress to be effectively and efficiently compressed, rolled and transported as an easily to carry package, eliminating the limitations of setting up in buildings with narrow entries.
  • The ten-year warranty provides the users with a worry free use of this mattress, plus the warranty contributes to the knowledge that one has made a substantial investment.
  • With the memory foam allowing for the conformity to body curves and response to body shapes, this mattress lets users comfortably and painlessly sleep on either of their shoulders and also distributes overall weight, relieving the pressure points that typically cause tossing and turning, leading to a night of totally undisturbed comfort and rest.

The Cons

  • Despite the 3.5 inches airflow foam intended for better regulation of temperatures, some customers have raised concerns over the amount of heat produced by the memory foam, citing that this heat was a little on the higher side. This heat has led to some discomfort during the night, especially for the users who are more susceptible to the effects of heat.
  • Some of the customers of the Sleep Master 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress were displeased by the 48 hours this mattress needed to regain its full plush shape, citing that it was quite a long time to wait before putting the mattress to use. Despite this impatience, some customers were pleasantly surprised by the resulting firmness of this mattress after carefully following the included instructions.
  • Some customers complained about the overall firmness of the mattress, wishing it was not as firm as it is.

Customer Opinions

Most of the clients who reviewed the Sleep Master 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress expressed that they were pleasantly satisfied by the performance of this mattress. The most discussed benefit was the fact that this mattress completely relieves back pains, especially when the alternative to alleviate a backache is probably spending thousands of dollars on a tempurpedic. Customers who previously had the more expensive traditional pillow top innerspring mattress complained of waking up with the most horrible back pains, but after sleeping on this mattress for at least a week, all the back pain was history. Most of the reviews also show that most users, once accustomed to sleeping on this mattress, which is usually after about three months, found it much easier sleeping on their sides, since both their left and right shoulder rotator cuffs had issues when slept on in previous mattresses.

This mattress fits the wider set of the California king frame box spring, rather than the longer set, which was a major plus to most of the customers. Some of the customers complained about the lingering factory smell and the general cumbersome nature of setting up this mattress, mainly owing to its sheer bulk and weight. Some of the customers proposed that it would be wiser to get help for the installation and to be ready with a dolly once the delivery truck arrives.

Final Verdict

Recent research has shown that we are more likely to spend up to one-third of our entire lives relaxing and resting on mattresses, which makes the need for a comfortable, stable, high quality, and regular mattress, of significant importance. Particularly in today’s’ contemporary world where relaxing time must be maximized, a mattress that provides optimal overall performance, such as the Sleep Master 14-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is ideal. The additional features of this mattress, zero backaches, conformity to body shapes and airflow temperature regulation that lead to total comfort during sleep are quite a boost, making this mattress the ultimate recommendation for individuals interested in the better quality of life through improved night-time relaxation.

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