Signature Sleep 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review


Signature Sleep 8 Inch Memory Foam MattressOne way to help people prioritize rest is to offer a mattress that makes people want to sleep. The Signature Sleep 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress might just be that mattress. The Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress has multiple layers of memory foam that conform to the body for ultimate support, creating a cocoon-like structure that takes pressure off the joints. Appropriate certifications mean buyers don’t have to worry about inhaling harsh chemicals; the makers take safety seriously. Available for a surprisingly low price, this mattress also won’t break the bank, another reason to rest easy.

Product Features and Specifications

Materials: This mattress is made with CertiPUR-US certified foam, and the foam within the mattress is made without PBDEs, TDCPP, and TCEP flame retardants. Also missing are mercury, ozone depleters, lead, and heavy metals. The certification also guarantees low VOCs.

Size: The mattress weighs 44 pounds and is 60 X 80 X 8 inches. The shipping weight is approximately 51 pounds.

Durability: This product has a limited one-year warranty, and the memory foam mattresses that are a part of the Memoir Memory Collection are said to be high quality and able to hold up for many years.

Thickness: The 8-inch foam mattress has a 2” layer of memory foam. Underneath is a 6” layer of high density foam.

Comfort: The memory foam conforms to the body on the mattress and supports body weight evenly, putting less pressure and strain on the joints. The mattress also keeps one person from being disturb when another bed partner moves.

Safety: This mattress meets the 16 CFR 1633 federal flammability standard.

Weight Limit: No weight limit is listed, but most customers said they were comfortable with this mattress. One customer weighing 220 pounds felt the mattress was better suited for smaller individuals. He felts his weight caused the mattress to collapse in the center.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros:

  • The CertiPUR-US certification means this mattress has been made without harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, mercury, or lead. This certification also ensures low VOCs (volatile organic compound) which offers better indoor air quality.
  • The Signature Sleep 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress makes it possible for a person to share a bed with someone who has erratic sleep behavior since the foam ensures a body hugging space for each person on the mattress. One person rolling over or moving around doesn’t affect someone on the other side of the bed who is sound asleep.
  • The design of the memory foam helps puts less pressure on the body and supports weight evenly. While sleeping on this mattress, pressure won’t come to focus on certain parts of the body, like the shoulders or lower back. That means less aches and pains and a truly good night’s sleep.
  • The foam is considered high quality and should last years beyond the one-year-limited warranty offered. With 8 inches split into two separate parts, the structure is meant to hold up well over time.
  • The pliability of the mattress allows it to be shipped in a manageably sized package that will make moving it in easy. Simply take the box to the room where the bed is going to be set up and open. Navigating hallways or small entryways is possible with this method.

The Cons:

  • Those unfamiliar with memory foam may find the mattress harder than they are used to. A few customers complained that the foam did not give when they put their body weight on it, leaving them to feel like they were sleeping on a very hard surface.
  • Due to the way the mattress is constructed, it cannot be flipped over like other mattresses. This could cause the side being slept on to break down faster.
  • The shipping for this product is unique in that it has to be compressed and vacuum sealed to ship. Since it will arrive rolled up, it will have to be unrolled and then left to expand on its own. Purchasers of this product occasionally reported the mattress not expanding to its full size.
  • The foam will generally stay firm in places where no one sleeps, but it can sink in permanently in the places it’s slept on the most. One purchaser complained of the bed eventually feeling like a hammock, with the middle drooping and only the sides holding their shape.

Customer Opinions

Customers who reviewed this product were impressed with the price and the comfort. They appreciated the firm mattress, and many still described it as soft and comfortable despite the fact that it was firmer than other foam mattresses they had experience with. Customers claimed the mattress’ support helped with back pain and left them with a good night’s rest due to comfort. Almost all satisfied customers mentioned being surprised about such a low cost mattress offering such high quality in design.

Though a couple of customers mentioned a smell after the packaging was opened, they agreed the odor dissipated, usually within a few hours. Setting up the mattress caused confusion for a few people, but once they figured it out they were pleased with how the mattress expanded.

There were customers who said their mattresses never fully expanded. A few also complained of parts of the mattress basically breaking down under their weight. Still, the overall consensus was that this mattress was a good buy.

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Final Verdict

Good sleep is important for overall health, and a comfortable mattress is necessary for quality rest to take place. It’s also a bonus when that mattress doesn’t bankrupt the person trying to buy it. The Signature Sleep 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress offers a form fitting feel at a great price. The design is meant to offer an individualized experience, and the CertiPUR-US certification means buyers don’t have to worry about toxic fumes living where they sleep. Much more affordable than other memory foam products, we recommend the Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress as a good option for a great price.

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