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Serta 14 Inch Gel-Memory Foam MattressFinding the perfect mattress is one of those things that’s incredibly important in the long-term and fairly boring in the short-term. It’s a big purchase that you’ll need to live with every night, but staring at mattress options will probably put you to sleep. Thankfully, the wave of memory foam has washed over the whole industry, giving you plenty of new “technology” to drool over and on. Serta’s 14-inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress perfectly represents the sort of options you’d like to find in a modern mattress, with a competitive price and a sleep experience that’s hard to beat.

Product Features And Specifications

Materials: Serta’s offering here utilizes Gel-memory and ActivAir foam to address one of the primary issues with memory foam options: Temperature. These foams are intelligently layered to provide the best support with the most airflow possible.

Sizes: This piece measures 54 inches by 75 inches by 14 inches. Its shipping weight is 74.96 pounds.

Thickness: The thick, 14-inch mattress is composed four unique layers. From the top, you’ll find 1″ Gel-Memory Foam, 2″ Premium Memory Foam, 3″ ActivAir Foam, and 8″ of Support Foam.

Comfort: The four-layer design provides a foam system that molds to the contours of the body, while the egg-carton-like third layer continuously draws hot air away from the mattress. It has a medium firmness, with its temperature control being a vital detail in its overall comfort.

Durability: This mattress carries a 20-year limited warranty and the reliability of a lasting name like Serta. The company even claims that flipping *and* rotating the mattress will be unnecessary.

Saftey: The product is made of USA foam, with all the domestic standards that apply.

Weight Limit: The new manufacturer standard for memory foam mattresses seems to signal the death of conventional weight limits. However, the medium firmness of this product certainly lends itself to a heavier sleeper than a softer option might.

Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Airflow. If you have any experience with memory foam products, you already know that they’re amazing at trapping heat and are notorious for refusing to let it go. While plenty of manufacturers have started incorporating gel infusions of all kinds, Serta’s effort to address the problem structurally makes a big difference here. The top layer of foam is laced with gel beads that serve to draw body heat downward, where the third layer of ActivAir foam provides channels of air to pull the heat out the sides. With the 2″ of memory foam between the layers, you can be sure that your physical comfort won’t be compromised by the unusual shape of that ActivAir layer.
  • The mattress arrives folded in half and compressed down to its absolute limit. The convenience and novelty of the delivery method is only surpassed by the quality of the actual product that pops out. There is some plastic wrapping holding it all in, and clear instructions about the best way to free it. (Tip: Once you cut the restraints, you’ll quickly have a full-size mattress to deal with. Plan accordingly.)
  • The price is incredibly low, the delivery package itself is miraculously compressed, and it’s one of the fastest and most convenient options for getting a fully-featured mattress delivered.
  • The 20 year limited warranty and big name brand provide a peace of mind that can only make your sleep experience better.

The Cons

  • Like most any foam mattress that arrives compressed as this does, you’ll have time waiting for it to expand, alongside an unusual odor. It is light and should not overly irritate your sense, but its brief presence can’t be counted as a “pro.”
  • This is a fairly firm mattress. Those looking for a firm option seem delighted, but it serves as a con to anyone looking for the classic “sinking into a cloud” sensation on offer with other memory foam mattresses.
  • The size, specifically the width, may be too much for a queen-sized box spring.

Customer Opinions

People who reviewed the Serta 14-inch Foam Mattress were quite uniform in their praise for the sleeping experience on offer. Its quality, particularly compared to other options at a similar price, was described as something of a revelation. As was the nature of its packaging and delivery. There are plenty of low-cost options for a bit of memory foam bedding smooshed into a tiny box, so the revelation of a full, proper mattress here is its own magic trick.

Again, the initial smell of the mattress was noted in most every review. And while there exist options where that isn’t the case, it seems that the temporary unpleasantness is quick to disappear entirely. The manufacturer recommends 72 hours for full expansion, but reviewers estimated about an hour for expansion and a day for the smell to dissipate completely. And while strong at first, there were no problems with same-night use.

The exterior cover was praised for its quality and the easy removal with a zipper, but it’s of note that doing so voids the warranty. A bit of convenience coupled with a bit of legal maneuvering isn’t a great combination, but the construction is good and the option is nice to have.

Finally, and once again, the firmness of this piece was highly-rated by people who happen to prefer firm mattresses. Your own mileage will vary.

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Final Verdict

Serta has created an attractive, affordable mattress that perfectly encapsulates the great strides in material science that the Memory Foam market has been relentlessly pursuing. The capacity to completely bypass the honored traditions of movers and friends fighting to maneuver a massive mattress around is a positive here that it’s hard to overstate. Yet the real story is that with all that convenience, you wind up with a full-featured mattress that easily rivals the more cumbersome options. If you’re looking for a firm, contoured sleep solution that stays cool under pressure, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

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