Serta 12 Inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress Reviews


Serta 12 Inch Gel-Memory Foam MattressYou will spend roughly a third of your entire life sleeping on your mattress. So obviously, you do not want it spewing out harmful chemicals in the middle of the night. Ideally, your mattress should be both comfortable and firm. Luckily, the Serta 12 Inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress provides you with just that. A luxury memory foam and gel mattress that does away with potentially harmful chemicals and allergens. The specialized design conforms to the shape of your body, providing excellent comfort and pain relief. This review will explain the advantages and disadvantages of using this mattress for everyday sleep. Along with customer opinions and near-exact specifications.

Product Features And Specifications

Materials: The mattress is manufactured with a two and a half inch memory foam and gel mixture at the top of the mattress, with another two and a half inches of ActivAir foam. Both of which are held up by seven inches of high-density support foam.

Sizes: The mattress measures roughly 80 inches by 76 inches by 12 inches with a weight of approximately 111 pounds. It can be heavy for a single individual, so it is suggested that two people carry it from either side.

Thickness: This mattress is measured to be 12 inches thick, with a two and a half inch comfort layer of memory foam and gel, and a two and a half inch support layer of air channel support foam. Both of these layers are held up by a durable seven-inch layer of support foam.

Comfort: The firm memory foam and gel beads slowly reform to the shape of your body, providing a customized fit for you alone. This provides greater pressure point relief, and ultimately a better night’s sleep.

Durability: The manufacturer is confident in the durability of this mattress and its ability to withstand multiple years of use. Due to this, they offer a twenty-year limited warranty.

Safety: The minimal amount of chemicals used in the creation of the foam and gel within the mattress pose no threat to its user. The mattress was carefully tested and studied, removing any threat to the user’s health and safety.

Weight Limit: There is currently no listed weight limit, although customers report that it has been able to support well over 260 pounds with no problem.

Pros And Cons

The Pros

  • The patented memory foam and gel mixture provides excellent comfortability and firmness alike. Which, when combined with the customized reshaping of the foam to match the user’s body, grants unparalleled comfort and relief.
  • With the way the mattress is built, it is never required to be flipped or rotated, and will retain its firmness for at least several years. Although it usually lasts for much longer: for somewhere between 15 and 20 years.
  • A twenty year limited warranty from the manufacturer shows their confidence in its durability.
  • The conforming memory foam and gel help to regulate pressure: improving spine health in the process.
  • The innovative compression techniques used in packaging allow for easy movement and storage before opening and inflating.

The Cons

  • Some reviewers note a mild odor upon opening the package, but they report that it ceases after about two days. On the other hand, most reviewers state that there was no odor whatsoever.
  • A few of those who reviewed this product mentioned that it did not inflate correctly throughout the two-day inflation period. To prevent this, make certain that you follow the instructions carefully.
  • If the instructions are not followed correctly, it can result in too firm or too soft of a mattress. This is definitely something to be aware of, and you should be careful to follow the instructions exactly as they are written.
  • A couple of reviewers state that the customer service provided by the manufacturer is poor, and their representatives uncooperative. As long as your mattress stays in good condition, this will not be a problem, though.

Customer Opinions

The majority of customers who purchased this Serta mattress reported that it was comfortable, firm, and helped them receive a better night’s sleep. They say that it is easily comparable to other memory foam mattresses, as well as fairly affordable for the quality it offers.

Many of the individuals who bought and reviewed this product mentioned that it gave off a mild odor. This was once the package was opened and inflation had begun. They later reported that the odor dissipated after about twenty-four hours. This only seems to happen in some cases, and the cause is currently unexplained, speculated to be from airing out the mattress.

Some of the people who reviewed the product complained about how it either did not inflate correctly or became too soft or hard once it finished. This usually happens when the instructions are not followed correctly, or the environment is too hot or cold. Try to refrain from opening it when it is far above or below average temperature, and make sure to follow the instructions with great care.

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Final Verdict

The Serta 12 Inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress was designed with comfort, firmness, and affordability in mind. Its innovative technologies promise to enhance your sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

There are a few customer complaints, such as a mild odor upon opening. The mattress being too stiff or too soft, and the customer service being less than ideal. Luckily, most of these problems can be easily resolved with the tips that were mentioned earlier in this review.

It is completely recommended for anyone who needs to sleep better at night with their aches and pains. That is if you don’t mind thoroughly reading over the instructions, and waiting up to two days for it to fully inflate. Besides that, it is a great mattress: staying comfortable, firm, and strong for multiple years.

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