Serta 10 Inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress Reviews


Serta 10 Inch Gel-Memory Foam MattressThe quality of sleep people get will often be determined most by the mattress they choose to sleep on. The proper mattress can make it possible for people to sleep longer, sleep more soundly and awake with fewer aches and pains. Memory foam mattresses have become one of the most popular options for people who want a bed that offers a high level of support and comfort. Serta has been the brand that led the way in memory foam development and still remains the leader in customer satisfaction in the retail mattress market. With their development of gel-memory foam the company promises to eliminate the problem of overheating without reducing the level of support the foam is known to provide.

Product Features And Specifications

Materials: The mattress includes a unique combination of viscoelastic memory foam and gel and an all-foam support core. The mattress is wrapped with a polyester cover.

Sizes: Twin mattresses measure 75″ x 39″ x 10″ and weigh 49.6 pounds. Full are 75″ x 54″ x 10″ with a weight of 65.3 pounds. Queen are 80″ x 60″ x 10″ and weigh 76.5 pounds. King mattresses measure 80′ x 76″ x 10″ and are 90 pounds. California king are 84″ x 72″ x 10″ and are 92.5 pounds.

Thickness: The 10-inch mattress is made of three layers including a 1.5-inch gel memory foam layer, a 1.5-inch support layer and a 7-inch memory foam base.

Comfort: The memory foam gel provides the right level of support while simultaneously cushioning pressure points. It has a medium-firm to firm feel. The memory gel is designed to prevent overheating.

Durability: The mattress comes with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty that includes a 10-year no-charge repair or replacement guarantee. The warranty covers all manufacturer defects, but will not cover normal wear and tear.

Safety: Serta uses only certified polyurethane foam that meets all federal standards for content, durability and emissions. Serta products meet fire resistant standards and they use a trademarked Fireblocker system that controls fire impact and reduces its spread.

Weight Limit: the manufacturer has stated no specific weight limit for the mattress, but some users have stated that the top layer may not be thick enough for individuals weighing over 250 pounds.

Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • The addition of gel to the memory foam keeps the mattress cool during use to prevent overheating. It has been carefully designed to keep the body at the optimal temperature for a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • The support foam and memory gel work together to help provide proper spinal alignment and to relieve the stress placed on pressure points like the shoulders and hips. Users are able to wake in the morning with less back and neck pain.
  • All Serta mattresses are carefully tested for durability, quality and safety. The company requires each mattress to pass safety testing that is stricter than federal standards. Only materials that meet their rigid standards are used in the construction of the mattresses.
  • The mattress is designed to maintain its shape throughout its lifespan and never needs to be flipped to reduce uneven wear or prevent sagging.
  • A 20-year, no-hassle warranty is provided to ensure the user that they will have years of comfortable rest with no worries.

The Cons

  • Seasonal mattress flipping is done to lengthen the life of mattresses by ensuring the mattress wears evenly. Though this is not possible due to the layered design of this mattress, it can still be rotated to balance wear.
  • Some buyers have rated the mattress as too firm. Initially the firm support foam may cause some discomfort, but this is natural as the spine realigns. With regular use, most customers are able to enjoy the pain-reducing benefits it offers.
  • There has been some confusion from owners about the warranty. The company lists it as a 20-year warranty, and though this is genuine, after 10 years the warranty will not cover the full purchase price. Some expense for repair or replacement will be the responsibility of the owner after this point.

Customer Opinions

Customer response has been favorable, with many people stating their chronic backaches and hip pain have disappeared after sleeping on the mattress for a few nights or weeks. Worries over the condition of the mattress on arrival because of its flatness were unwarranted as the mattress expanded as promised after removed from its plastic wrapping. Some customers claimed the odor of the mattress was strong, but others have said that after allowing the mattress to air out after opening it upon arrival as the manufacturer recommends, the mattress had no odor at all. The bed is also given high marks for its stability as it allows couples to move individually without disturbing the other sleeper. Also noted is how much cooler it is to sleep on than older memory foam beds. The majority of users also insist this mattress has made it possible for them to get the best night’s sleep they have ever had, even after several years of putting the mattress into use.

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Final Verdict

The Serta 10-inch gel-memory foam mattress is a comfortable and high-quality bed that is safe and durable and provides a high level of support. It is an affordable and reliable option that offers a generous warranty. The gel design is able to keep the body cool and prevent overheating. This model is labeled as medium-firm to firm and may prove to be too firm for users who are used to pillow-topped beds or mattresses without a firm support system. Anyone with joint pain will find this bed to be very therapeutic and most users will appreciate the quality of sleep it helps them to enjoy.

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