Serenia Sleep 8 Inch Memory Foam RV Mattress King Review


Serenia Sleep 8 Inch Memory Foam RV Mattress KingYou know about “sleeping on the road.” You’ve driven hundreds of miles in that RV of yours today. You’ve watched for smokies, evaded bears in garbage dumps and dead skunks on the road, and ignored lots of real rude drivers. It’s been a hard day, but you are “roughing it.” Are you worn out or what? Even with that coffee thermos half empty, you sense that you don’t need caffeine. You need rest. You need a camp ground for the RV, a hot shower, and shut-eye. You relish night-time when you can “saw those logs,” even if your spouse complains about your sleeping dB level. It’s times like this that you remember that internet search that brought you to your Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam RV King Mattress.

Features and Specifications

You itemize details in your mind as you continue to your “perfect” campground:

  • Short? Yes, but it fits your three-quarter size bed, and goes the full width of that “compact” king size bed tucked away behind you in your RV.
  • Comfort? Everyone should have it so good! A full two inches of 2.5-pound memory foam on that mattress, and it sits atop six inches of polyurethane foam covered with that zippered stretch knit cover. They call it “medium firm comfort,” but you’ve learned how good it feels after a tough day of RV touring. You deserve comfort!
  • Temperature? Not a problem—you do have AC if you need it, you know. You’ve been in plains, mountains, woods, and soon in a “new” RV campground. You know from experience–your Serenia sensitive memory foam with its open-cell construction will evenly distribute weight for two. And as for sleep, your “closed-cell foam” experience will not be complicated by sweat or discomfort.
  • Quality? Talk about trusting American workmanship! Your Serenia Sleep mattress was made here in the USA. You’ve a 20 year limited warranty proving it. No worry about manufacturing defects for you!
  • Insects? And you haven’t been “bugged.” The Serenia folks have thought of every thing. Your memory foam resists dust mites and those little environmental microbes. “Fido” seems to find ’em and he likes your feet at night. Your pup is no worry. That comfortable foam is antimicrobial.
  • Installation? Overwhelmed by comfort and utility found in your Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam RV King Mattress, Model AMZSS-MRV88-06? You remember that it weighed only 65 pounds despite its dimensions of 80 x 76 x 8 inches and it was shipped in a matter of days directly too you. You started caravanning; mattress installed and ready. You are such a brain!

Pros, Cons, and Customer Opinions

Time for you to do a website “Customer Review”? You’ve seen the positive comments. Some 88% of all the customers gave Serenia a three-star rating or better, and more than 60% of the customers gave the company a five-star rating out of five stars possible. Remember that one customer that couldn’t find a mattress to fit his RV? The Serenia fit was comfortable, slightly firm, and comparable to his previous high high-end mattress experience.

Another customer noted that his Serenia “slept better” than a couple name-brand mattresses. Or how about the one that noted the comfort and then said there were no chemical smells in the new mattress. That couple that had that travel trailer with a poor stock mattress? They put their new Serenia directly on plywood and couldn’t be happier with their sleep.

Then there’s the couple so concerned about adding vehicle weight to their RV. The Serenia weighed the same as their previous mattress and was high-quality and very comfortable. And they also noticed that the new mattress had no odor. One other couple’s report is something only an RVer will understand. Their dogs liked it, the husband loved it, and the wife could live with it. She had her qualms, but added that she was able to sleep, apparently a remarkable RV experience for her.

So now you have been thinking. Were there any negatives you saw on-line that were a problem for you too? There was the gal whose husband was happy with the Serenia, but she felt it was just too firm despite a soft top. Apparently, she was a petite lady and so slim that her hips were bothered by the mattress. She was woke up a couple times a night and was an “unhappy camper,” but noted that the hubbie felt the Serenia was one of the best mattresses he had ever had and besides that, it fit! Despite all this, she rated the mattress a three star. So, in thinking about the negatives and your spouse’s feelings, it’s all good. So no, you’ve found no problems!

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Final Verdict

So what’s the bottom line? You’ve got your RV spot and you’re going to spend a couple days here. You’ve got your electric, water, and sewer lines tied in. You’ve unloaded a few chairs and a table, set them up near your fire pit, and walked around the camp grounds. The coffee pot is on your little stove, the cookies and donuts are on the table, the campfire is at least started, and you and your gal are sitting there, unwinding. Wouldn’t you know it?! The coffee vapors have attracted your campground neighbors next door. You share coffee and cookies and the conversation starts in earnest. “How are you sleeping?” they say. They have an RV a bit larger than yours, but they really don’t sleep so well.

You tell them, “You’ve got to get a Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam RV Mattress that fits your RV bed. You can order online, get it shipped, install it easily, and sleep with comfort on your next trip.” You’ve even kept your shipping invoice in your RV. You grab it from the cupboard and give them the order specs. Boy, have you done a good deed for today!

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