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If you love your sleep like me, then your mattress quality is very important to you. A major determinant of the quality and amount of sleep one has is the type of mattress they are sleeping on. With the wide array of mattresses available in the market currently, how is one supposed to know, which will offer a good night’s sleep? Below, we discuss the pros and cons of the more popular mattresses available in the market.

Shape-modifying memory foam mattress

This type of mattress contains many layers of foam. These layers change with changes in weight and temperature. Its ability to modify itself according to one’s body shape, makes this type of mattress one of the most comfortable in the market. Pros 1. Do you hate when your partner tosses and turns in bed waking you up? The memory foam mattress was invented just for you. This mattress acts as a shock absorber against any types of movement making it very suitable for sleeping of two people. As it absorbs any movement, one person will not be disturbed by another’s movement. 2. Do you wake up after a night of sleep with back or neck pains? This mattress will eliminate all this. The mattress contours itself according to your body shape .This ensures that your weight is distributed to different body parts as you toss and turn hence decreasing pressure points and preventing occurrence of pain. Cons 1. Most of the manufacturers have not been able to mask the smell of chemicals used to create this mattress. Thus, you could experience this unpleasant smell throughout the night. 2. These mattresses are sensitive to body temperature, and contort according to your body shape. This makes them move closer to your body when temperatures go up. This closeness can make you extremely hot at night and you might find this very uncomfortable. 3. It is not suitable for people with low weight because they will not provide sufficient foam depression hence back support will be inefficient. 4. Their firmness is not consistent hence can cause health problems.

The bouncy in-spring mattress

These types of mattresses contain coil springs within them for weight support between layers of foam or latex. The coils make them springy thus very comfortable. The springs may be enclosed or unenclosed. Enclosed ones can be used for a number of years as they do not easily pop. Pros 1. They have been around for many years hence there many varieties available that can fit any pocket and any preference. 2. They are very comfortable. 3. They offer firm support for those who are overweight. The coils will prevent the mattress from sinking should someone with high weight jump on it with force. 4. Can help in management of back pain so long as you select one with correct firmness. Cons 1. Some may have insufficient amounts of spring thus may not provide sufficient support for the person sleeping on it. This may promote development of back conditions. 2. One may not be able to know the quality of the mattress based on the price. This is because the price is normally a factor of brand and not entirely a determinant of comfort.

The flexible air mattress

Air mattresses look like the spring mattress, but instead of embedded coils, a column of air is incorporated between layers of foam. This mattress can be adjusted so that pressure is not exerted on specific points of the body. Pros 1. This mattress can be adjusted on one side leaving the other side intact. So if there two people sleeping on a bed who have different preferences in terms of how firm they want the mattress to be, this mattress can offer something for both of them. Cons 1. It can easily burst open when on one side when excess force is applied on the other side. 2. It is difficult to attain sufficient firmness when adjusting and this has been known to cause back pain for many users.

The firm latex mattress

This type of mattress is made using rubber. The rubber offers great comfort, makes it bouncy and gives uniform firmness throughout the entire bed. Pros 1. The firmness is the most significant advantage of the latex mattress. In fact this is considered one of the best mattresses for those who like firmness. 2. It has increased support because of its bouncy quality. 3. Suitable for patients experiencing back pain due to the increased support. Cons 1. This mattress is unsuitable for those who don’t enjoy sleeping on very firm mattresses.

The cool gel mattresses

These types of mattresses are made from gel entirely. Pros 1. Are very durable. If you do not want to buy a new mattress year in year out, this is your best bet. 2. It has better temperature regulation. Compared to memory foam mattresses, these mattresses have a cooling effect. Hence, they would increase comfort levels in seasons of extreme temperatures. 3. It also absorbs motion. This prevents movement of one sleeping partner from affecting the other partner. 4. They have better resilience and improved response times. Their gel nature enables them push back against exerted pressure making them very firm. 5. Gel has antimicrobial properties thus very resistant to microbial growth. It is also suitable for hypersensitive people due to its hypoallergenic property. Cons 1. They are not readily available. As this product is a new entrant in the market, many stores are yet to embrace stocking it. 2. They offer a different type of feel. Use of gel in its creation gives it a unique texture and bounciness when compared to other types of mattresses. This uniqueness may not be readily embraced by new customers.

The eco-friendly organic mattress

These are made of natural materials or mixed with few synthetic materials. Organic materials include cotton, wool or natural latex foam. Pros 1. They are hypoallergenic. This property makes them appropriate for people with frequent severe allergic reactions. 2. They contain a limited number of chemicals. Although the effect of mattress chemicals on the health of the user has not been extensively studied, it is better to be safe than sorry. 3. They promote proper breathing during sleep. Those with sleep apnea will found this property very helpful. 4. They offer superior support and comfort. 5. They are eco-friendly. Cons 1. Like the gel mattress, they are not readily available. 2. They produce pungent odor due to their organic components, which may be unpleasant for those sleeping. 3. They may be very spongy thus uncomfortable for those who prefer firmness.

The floating water bed mattress

In this type of mattress, liquid is used for support. This liquid is embedded between other materials. Pros 1. They are also temperature regulated thus improve comfort levels for those sleeping on it. 2. Like the air mattress, its firmness can be adjusted to suit preferences of two different users. 3. It adjusts to the body’s shape thus shifts weight to different parts of the body as one tosses and turns, hence prevent pains from occurring. 4. Are very affordable. 5. Provides a feeling of floating on air, which is essential in making one relax and go to sleep first. 6. They are very long-lasting. Cons 1. They can easily break and leak when excess force is applied on them. However, manufacturers these days are employing techniques designed to prevent punctures from occurring. Hence, an average quality one will probably not break. 2. They can be very noisy. 3. They may require a process of assembly. 4. They may produce unpleasant odor when initially bought.

The all-in-one hybrid mattress

This incorporates coils and other materials like gel foam to produce a very high quality product. Pros 1. It has greater support and comfort. With the focus being put on these two qualities during the production stage, the hybrid mattress provides best functionality for users. 2. They also absorb movements making it easy for two people to sleep on it. 3. They are long-lasting. Cons 1. They are not readily available as they have not been in the market for a sufficiently long time. Whether you prefer sleeping on firm and springy surfaces or you prefer bouncy and soft ones, there is a specific type of mattress designed to suit all your sleeping needs.

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