Memory Foam Mattress vs Spring Mattress


A mattress is a crucial investment, though the mattress world can be an intimidating one for any shopper. With so many options available, how can a shopper possibly find the mattress that best suits their own needs? It’s best to begin the mattress shopping process by breaking it down into two major categories of mattresses: spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses.

The Price of Slumber

We all hear about the luxuries of memory foam mattresses. Are they really a better investment in the long run? Why not purchase a top-of-the-line spring mattress for less cash?

In addition to cost, there are pros and cons to memory foam mattresses and spring mattresses alike. Let’s break them down.

The Spring Mattress: A Classic Choice for Good Reason

The spring mattress is the quintessential mattress for a reason. They’re inexpensive. They don’t require a sophisticated design or great amount of labor to make, keeping their prices low and fair today.

The Coolness of Springs

 Inside of a spring mattress, there’s a lot of space between each individual spring. This allows for air to flow between the springs at night. Anyone who grows warmer than usual during slumber should consider a spring mattress for this reason. The ventilation of the springs is a major pro of this mattress design.

Tomorrow’s Spring Mattress Technology

 A pillow top feature is the new normal on any spring mattress. Less firm than memory foam but still soft, pillow top spring mattresses cozily take the edge off the harsh metal springs inside. Since pillow top spring mattresses are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the market, spring mattresses are beginning to feel more like their memory foam competitors, appealing more to shoppers torn between the two opposing styles.

Springs: An Ache’s Worst Enemy

Those who wake up in the morning with sore muscles, joints or bones may have their spring mattress to blame entirely. Though a mattress provides a soft spot for resting at night, one must realize that the soft top of their mattress is only inches away from thousands of hard metal springs. These springs do not assist with the natural pressure points of the body and only make the aches and pains of the day much worse throughout the night.

The Firm Stance on Memory Foam Mattresses

Due to commercials on television, one may imagine a memory foam mattress to be more plush and cushiony to the touch. Memory foam manufacturers often market their mattresses with the characteristic photo of a handprint imprinted in the foam, giving the foam a soft-to-the-touch reputation.

When laying down on a memory foam mattress, one may be surprised to find that the foam is actually quite firm.

The firmness of memory foam mattresses makes them easier on the muscles, joints and bones of those who sleep on them. Those who make the switch from a spring mattress to a memory foam mattress are often amazed at how much less their backs, shoulders and necks ache just by waking up in the morning on a different mattress. A memory foam mattress gives different support to all of the body’s pressure points than a spring mattress would.

Another added benefit of the firmness of the memory foam mattress applies to couples. Since these mattresses can be so firm, they often do not release shock waves to the other side of the bed when one person gets up in the middle of the night. This allows for a better night’s sleep for everyone involved.

Memory foam is also reported to help with snoring sleepers. The foam absorbs the sound from snoring, making the sound from the snorer more muted than it would be on a spring mattress.

Memory Foam Mattresses: Not Designed for the Sweaty Sleeper

The modern technology of the memory foam mattress is not for everyone. Those who often feel hot in the middle of the night should stray away from purchasing a memory foam mattress. Unlike a spring mattress, the foam does not have space throughout its interior for breathing room.

If a hot-natured mattress shopper is leaning toward a memory foam mattress, they should consider a brand and model of mattress that eliminates excess heat and breathes more easily than other types of memory foam, such as the DynastyMattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch. Instead of arriving with an entirely memory foam-filled body, this model of mattress has a three inch gel top that allows air to flow throughout the entirety of the mattress and ultimately produces a top that is cooler to the touch.

The Challenge of Transporting a Memory Foam Mattress

The choice of a memory foam mattress can often seem like a mistake when it comes time for the owner to move. Memory foam mattresses are extraordinarily heavy. This often surprises many new buyers of memory foam who are accustomed to the light and easy nature of the spring mattress. It is often recommended by the manufacturer to have four strong individuals on hand to transport a king-sized memory foam mattress from place to place.

Additional Considerations of the Memory Foam Mattress

Due to their intense firmness, memory foam mattresses maintain their sharp shape throughout their lifetimes. However, this makes bedsheets a tight fit on the corners of memory foam mattresses. Some owners of memory foam complain that their sheets stretch or even tear at the seams because of the shape of their mattress.

Depending on the materials used to make them, certain memory foam mattresses can arrive to a home coated with a foul odor. This mattress odor can often take a while to air out. Some mattress owners choose to sprinkle a small amount of baking soda along the top layer of the mattress, allowing it to soak for several hours before vacuuming the baking soda away in order to absorb and remove some of the mattress odor.

Choosing to Make the Memory Foam Investment

Memory foam mattresses have the reputation for providing a better night’s sleep while helping joints and muscles the next morning. However, these benefits come at a price. Memory foam mattresses are much more expensive than the classic spring mattress design. This fact alone repels many shoppers from making the plunge into memory foam.

Any potential buyer looking to make the switch from an old spring mattress to a new memory foam mattress would be pleased to know that memory foam mattresses nearly always come with a more extensive warranty than most spring mattresses on the market. For this reason, memory foam mattresses are known to last much longer than spring mattresses, often making them the wiser long-term investment.

A Trial Run of Memory Foam

For all its benefits, a memory foam mattress can be a very costly investment. How can a shopper decide if memory foam will be right for them?

A memory foam mattress topper is a terrific option for the shopper who feels an initial curiosity toward the memory foam world. These toppers are layers of foam that roll over the top of a spring mattress, attaching at the sides like a fitted sheet. These memory foam toppers are available at many different price points at nearly every department store. They are an excellent purchase for the shopper who’d like to dip their toes into the thought of memory foam.

Most memory foam mattress manufacturers also produce ranges of memory foam pillows. This is another great way for the cautious shopper to give memory foam a try and grow accustomed to the unique firmness of memory foam.

Certain manufacturers even allow trial periods for their memory foam mattresses. Similar to certain dealerships allowing extended test drive periods on different models of cars, some memory foam manufacturers will allow the shopper to take the mattress home to try it for several nights. This allows the shopper to really test the benefits of the mattress before making the plunge into the long-term investment. Ask your mattress store if a trial period is available for any memory foam models in stock.

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