How To Choose A Mattress Topper


We spend about one third of our lives in bed, so it should be a place that is comfortable and sleep enticing. Over time mattresses wear and become bumpy and much less comfortable than a new mattress, but let’s face it, who purchases a new mattress every year to solve this issue? A mattress topper is a great way to revitalize an old mattress and give it the comfort and support it needs to make it sleep worthy again. Mattress toppers come in a variety of different styles, materials, and price ranges, so it is important to research what is available to you to assure you find the perfect mattress topper to fit your needs. Let’s first start by identifying reasons that a mattress topper may be required.

Reasons for a Mattress Topper

Enhance the Comfort of an Old Mattress

Over time a mattress’s material degrades and becomes an uneven, uncomfortable place to sleep; especially if the mattress was not rotated on a regular basis. Sleeping under these types of conditions for an extended period of time can cause back pains and aches throughout your body.

Adjust Firmness Needs

A recently purchased mattress may have seemed comfortable at the time of purchase, but once you have the new mattress home, it just did not have the firmness you need to sleep well. A mattress topper can help you get to the comfort level you need.

Customize the Bed

A mattress topper does not have to cover the entire bed; in fact, it is a great option for partners who require different levels of firmness in a mattress.

Types of Mattress Toppers

Once you decide that a mattress topper is a good solution to improving your sleep; then it is time to decide on which type of mattress topper you would prefer. There are many different styles available to you, so let’s delve into the options and see which type fits your personal comfort level.

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Memory foam is a material that contours to your body to provide you with a layer of comfort that is almost irreplaceable. It provides great support for a person who has aches and pains; where a shifting mattress would hinder their sleep. It is also the perfect solution for someone who has a partner who tosses and turns a lot during the night. This lightweight material offers a thick layer of support, but it also holds in heat, so it may not be the greatest option for a hot blooded individual. In addition, memory foam has a very distinct smell that may bother some people when it is brand new, but that odor will go away once the mattress topper has had time to air out.

Cotton Mattress Toppers

Cotton mattress toppers are often a comfortable choice that can be removed and washed when needed. The material is a very breathable option, but frequently washing the free flowing cotton fibers in the mattress topper may lead to a decrease in durability from daily wear and tear. In addition, this is a great option for anyone who may have allergy concerns.

Wool Mattress Topper

Wool mattress toppers have been known for their surprising levels of comfort for generations. In fact, they tend to absorb your body heat, which can make your sleeping time more comfortable. These durable mattress toppers are typically made from lamb wool, and they are referred to as fleece. A major benefit of this all natural materials is that it is far less likely to cause an allergic reaction for a sensitive person. In addition, wool mattress toppers are also resistant to mites, bed bugs, and mold.

Down Feather Mattress Topper

Down feather mattress toppers are designed to add a layer of softness and comfort to an existing mattress. These light weight mattress toppers provide a soft material that provides great body heat regulation. Typically made from duck and goose feathers, this style of mattress topper will be able to keep you cool during the heat of the summer and warm in the brisk winter air. It is a great option for couples who both wish to sleep peacefully in a soft, comfortable bed; however, those who suffer from allergies may want to stay clear of this type of mattress topper.

Egg Crate Mattress Topper

Egg crate mattress toppers are an inexpensive option that has been around for a long time; making it the choice mattress topper for the uncomfortable beds in most college dorms. They offer a firm level of comfort that is also lightweight and easy to roll up, which once again makes it the perfect solution for a college student or a camping trip. If one egg crate mattress topper is not a sufficient level of comfort, the unique design allows them to be stacked to create a thicker, sturdier alternative.

Latex Mattress Topper

Latex mattress topper options are extremely durable; in fact, many last well over a decade. They are water resistant making them great for a young child who may have an accident once in a while. They are also a great option if you want to deter dust mites or bed bugs. The only down side to this choice is that the exterior of this mattress topper begins to looked aged over time; showing signs of wear and tear and even discoloration. If you have a latex allergy, this is probably not the best option for you.

Key Points to Consider when Purchasing a Mattress Topper

With so many different mattress topper options, it’s important to decide what you need from it before making a purchase. Then go through the different types that are available on the market and decide which mattress topper would be best for the level of comfort you are looking for. Here are some of the key considerations to make before making a choice.


The price of mattress toppers can range from a mere $20 to a few thousand, but spending more does not guarantee a higher level of quality. Consider how much you want to spend on a mattress topper first and foremost.


Each person’s comfort level varies, so it is important to know if you like to sleep on a firm surface or a softer material. Don’t forget to take the movement of your partner into affect as well.


Mattress toppers range in thickness from two inches to eight inches, but what size do you need to transform your old mattress into a place of tranquil dreams? Larger people or those who sleep on their side occasionally may want a thicker mattress topper than a person who is a mere 100 pounds.

Pain Relief Needs

You may be purchasing a mattress topper to help add additional support and allow you to get a good night sleep though aches and pains caused by your old mattress. A style that conforms to your body and fully supports your frame may need to be considered to help ease the pain.


If you have allergies, you may want to consider a more natural material choice. It may also be important to choose a mattress topper that will be more resistant to mildew, mold or other concerns like dust and bug parasites.

Heat Retention

Some mattress toppers hold in your body heat, which makes for a hot, uncomfortable night. If you tend to get hot during the night, you may want to consider an option that will help regulate the heat.


Remember that the topper will not magically appear on the bed; you will need to place it there, so it is important that you are capable of doing so. You may also want to clean the mattress topper occasionally. If you plan to move a lot, a rollable egg crate mattress topper may be the most portable option.

Mattress toppers are a great way to provide added comfort to an old mattress as well as add a layer of protection to your current mattress. There are a myriad of different options when it comes to mattress toppers, so take all of the key aspects into consideration before settling on a new sleeping surface. The bottom line when choosing a mattress topper is that you need to decide what makes you have sweet dreams and wake up well rested?

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