Health Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress


Memory is a key aspect of the human brain that shapes the way people grow and evolve with time. It is a crucial aspect of human personality because it allows us to change with situations and moulds the way we experience the world. Memories also decide how we react to circumstances. Because of the importance of memories, various technological innovations have been made in the world. Some obvious ones include the RAM in computer systems. Memory foam mattresses are one of the less obvious innovations that, nonetheless, lead to great benefits for both the mind and the body of their users.

A memory foam is considered to be the ideal surface on which to sleep because it not only absorbs energy but also remains super soft. This means ideal comfort for sleepers because the mattress customizes itself to the user’s body shape and requirements.

Here are some health benefits of memory foam mattress that everyone should consider –

Better Sleep Because Of Temperature Control – Sleep can be affected by the temperature of the human body. While the general temperature is somehow fixed, it varies by certain degrees from person to person. Because the material of memory foam mattresses is sensitive to the temperature of its user, the mattress adjusts itself depending on the body temperature.

This means that when your temperature is high (or if your temperature is generally high), the memory foam mattress would be softer for you and lead you to have better sleep. At the same time, when you need more heat during the winter months, the memory foam mattress would be able to offer that because of its heat retention ability. There are memory foam mattresses with a special cooling feature as well.

All these benefits lead to better sleep for the user which, in turn, has the following benefits

Better Concentration – Having a good night’s sleep is ideal for concentration. For instance, when you don’t get proper sleep the night before, you are unable to concentrate on daily chores the next morning. It can interfere with your work and also manifest in the form of headaches, itchy eyes, and other symptoms. Memory foam mattresses offer good sleep which leads to better concentration.

No Anxiety And Mood Swings – Lack of sleep is known to cause lethargy and when you frequently get little sleep because of a bad or uncomfortable mattress, you would feel groggy and restless. This can also cause anxiety in certain people and could lead to irritation, short tempered behavior, mood swings, and insomnia. Such problems can be avoided by investing in a good and quality memory foam mattress.

More Energy – When you get decent sleep, you are able to do all your work in a much better way because you have more energy. Your body needs to rest and if you are getting interrupted during your sleep schedule, you would not be able to fulfill your tasks. With a memory foam mattress, you have great energy and can be at top efficiency every day.

Comfort For Those Dealing With Body Pain – If you are dealing with back pain or general body pain, you would experience immense pain relief by going for a memory foam mattress. Even the simplest memory foam mattresses can help to relieve body ache. If you are recovering from injury that makes your body hurt, a memory foam mattress would allow you to heal and get proper sleep without tossing and turning.

How does a memory foam mattress achieve this? The material is so engineered that it displaces pressure from the problem areas of the body – back, neck, shoulders, arms, hips, and legs. These areas have raised temperature when they are injured and the memory foam mattress is so innovative that it picks on these temperature variations. It adjusts the pressure of the mattress accordingly.

Friendly For People With Allergies – People who are sensitive to allergies are actually reacting to dust mites that reside in a mattress. A mattress that has been used for some time – months to a couple of years – would have as many as 10 million dust mites living in it. These dust mites trigger allergies and can cause serious symptoms in patients. However, a memory foam mattress is made up of polyurethane foam. The fibers of this foam are naturally resistant to allergens and do not allow them to get collected in the crevices of the mattress. Even after long term use, the memory foam mattress would continue to dispel allergies for the users.

Good For Insomniacs – Insomniacs who do not get ample sleep can use a memory foam mattress to enjoy 7 hours of sleep without any interruptions. Long term use also helps with the problem of insomnia.

Good For Those Who Are Light Sleepers – Since you already know the health benefits of getting a good night sleep, you might also be aware that 7 to 9 hours of sleep is necessary for an adult to function at full efficiency. This is regular sleep and not small naps. People who are light sleepers rarely get continuous sleep because they are disturbed by the smallest of things. Mostly, a partner tossing in their sleep and turning can disrupt their sleep. However, a memory foam mattress comes with motion transfer resistance. This means that the surface movement would be absorbed by the mattress and when your partner moves around in their sleep, you would not be disturbed as much. Disturbances to your sleep would be, thus, avoided.

Helps With The Condition Of Sleep Apnea – Sleep apnea is a pretty serious condition because it can be fatal in extreme cases. A memory foam mattress designed specifically for sleep apnea patients combined with a memory foam pillow can help to elevate the head exactly how much it is needed to. It would allow the breathing passage to remain clear and unobstructed, thereby reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea and avoiding the more fatal results associated with it. Users of memory foam mattress and pillow can finally say goodbye to CPAP devices and don’t need anything special to enjoy a good night’s rest.

Reduced Spinal Problems – Most back problems occur because of spinal alignment issues. When patients lie down, their spine is not properly aligned and this can lead to soreness in the muscles in the morning. Because the memory foam molds itself around the user’s body, it supports the spine and aligns it properly. It also helps you to sleep on your back comfortably without dealing with any aches. In the long run, your spinal problems would become much less painful if you use a memory foam mattress. This is especially true for older people who are dealing with arthritis and other similar issues and need additional support and comfort from their mattress.

Good For Acid Reflux and GERD – Sufferers of GERD and Acid Reflux can’t sleep properly at night. The best case scenario for them is 4 hours of continuous sleep. In these conditions, the acid from the stomach rises and travels up the oesophagus, causing choking and burning in the throat. Even sleeping on one side or one position for too long can trigger this response. Memory foam mattresses designed specifically for patients of GERD and Acid Reflux are slightly elevated. This means that use good old gravity to keep the acids where they belong and do not allow them to rise up and disturb the sleep. With a memory foam mattress, however, they can enjoy 7 hours of continuous sleep everyday.

True fit for the body, no matter what shape and size, leads to greater comfort during sleep. Memory foam tends to respond to the pressure and heat from the body. This means that the mattress is designed to mold itself around the body of the sleeper. As such, instead of you adjusting yourself to your mattress, the mattress adjusts itself to your body, no matter what your shape and size may be. Your entire body weight is evenly distributed when you sleep on a memory foam mattress. When you wake up and the pressure is relieved from the mattress, it returns to its original shape. With regular mattresses, this is not an option.

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