How To Clean and Care For A Mattress


There are many items, appliances, and furniture within your home that you use on a daily basis, but there are not many that you use as much as your mattress. Your mattress is a piece of furniture that you spend approximately one-third of your life using. This is why it is so important to make sure that you know the best ways to clean and care for your mattress.

Support Your Mattress

You want a mattress that is going to support you, so you need to ensure that you give the mattress the support it needs as well. When you pick out your mattress, make sure that you pick out box springs that go along with it. This way you know the box springs will support the mattress the way it is meant to.

Leave the Board Out

Some people believe that it is a good idea to give your mattress extra support by placing a board between the mattress and the box springs. But this is not a good idea. The mattress and box springs are made to work together just the way they are. When a board is placed between them, it can actually reduce the support that the box springs give to your mattress.

No Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Like the children’s song says, no more monkeys jumping on the bed. It just seems to be in a child’s nature to jump or bounce on a bed. But this activity can be damaging to the mattress as well as the box springs. If you are looking to keep your mattress in the best shape for as long as you can, let the kids know they can not jump or bounce on the bed.

Don’t Forget to Flip It

Not all mattresses are meant to be flipped, but there are some that still should be. This helps to ensure that the mattress wears evenly to give your mattress the longest life possible. If the mattress you have is one that should be flipped, it is important to do this every three months. An easy way to remember when you are supposed to flip your mattress is by doing it at the beginning of each season. All seasons last for three months making it the perfect reminder to flip your mattress.

Spin It

When a person lays in the same spot on a mattress every night, it can begin to form an indent in that spot. In order to reduce the chance of putting a permanent body imprint in the mattress, it is important to rotate the mattress every three months. You should turn the mattress so the edge that was at the head of the bed is then at the foot end.

Protection is Important

In order to keep your mattress looking new for as long as possible, you should consider using a mattress pad. This will help any of life’s little accidents from getting into the mattress.

Clean Stains Quickly and Properly

If something is spilled on your mattress or an accident happens, it is important to clean it up as quickly as you can. Cleaning it up quickly reduces the risk that the stain will get deeply set within your mattress. In order to get the stain out, you can use an upholstery cleaner. Make sure that you follow the directions on the bottle for the best results. After thoroughly cleaning the area, it is important to allow plenty of time to dry. You can speed up the drying time by using fans.

Vacuum Regularly

Although we may not realize it, all people shed their skin. Now it isn’t the same as when a snake does, but our skin flakes off. This is why vacuuming your mattress is important. Along with skin flakes, there is dust and typically dust mites in your mattress. Using the upholstery attachment and vacuuming the top and sides of your mattress, along with as much of the box springs as possible, will help to remove the dead skin, dust, and dust mites keeping your mattress newer longer.

Keep the Dog Off the Bed

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but it doesn’t mean that the best friend needs to be sleeping in the bed. Although some people enjoy snuggling up with their furry friend, most dogs shed their fur and all dogs shed dead skin cells. Keeping them off of the bed will help reduce the amount of skin cells, dirt, fur, and dust mites that will end up in your mattress. If at all possible, you could keep your dog out of the bedroom altogether. This will reduce the chance even further that their fur and skin cells will get onto the mattress.

Low Humidity is a Plus

Dust mites thrive in areas with a higher humidity. So if you reduce the amount of humidity in your home, the dust mites will begin to die off. You will still have some mites, but they will not be as plentiful as if it were humid. Using a humidifier and keeping the air in your home between 30 and 50 percent humidity will help to reduce the amount of dust mites you have in your mattress.

Remove the Houseplants

Houseplants are nice to look at and even those that do not have flowers often give off an earthy scent that is pleasing to many. But they can also contain insects, pollen, and dust that can then get into your mattress. Keeping your plants in other rooms within the home are a great way to reduce the chance of these things getting into your mattress.

Take Advantage of Spring Cleaning

After spring comes the warm and humid months of summer. Because dust mites grow best in warm, humid atmospheres, it is best to take advantage of spring cleaning in order to remove as much dust and the mites that go along with it before the weather starts to warm up.

Keep Your Bedding Clean

A lot of the skin cells people shed and dust first gets into the bedding we have on our beds. To try and reduce the amount that transfers into the mattress, the bedding should be washed often. It is best to wash the pillowcases and sheets every week and other blankets and comforters once a month.

Let It Breathe

When you know you are going to be away for a few days on vacation or a business trip, strip all of the bedding off of your mattress and give it a chance to breathe.


In order to keep your mattress smelling fresh it should be deodorized. We do not have to wait for something to be spilt or an accident to happen in order to freshen it up. It can be done anytime. Take baking soda and sift it over the top of the mattress. Allow the baking soda to sit for thirty minutes. Then simply use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to vacuum it up. We can all get a good night’s sleep knowing that we are doing what we can in order to properly clean and care for our mattress.

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