How To Buy A Good Mattress For Cheap


Everyone needs a good night of sleep and one of the things that may be stopping you from getting a good eight hours is your mattress. It is a proven fact that the mattress you sleep on is a big part of whether or not you will rest well. One thing to remember is that every person is different in their sleep needs. Some people have bad backs and may like a mattress with a lot of support, while others can’t stand firm mattresses and need something softer. Your mattress type may even be different from your spouse’s.

If you have been struggling with your shut-eye, you may need to look into buying a new mattress for your bed, but how do you get a good one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

Take Some Time Window-Shopping

While it may seem like a waste of your time, finding the mattress that will be the perfect match is all about seeing what is out there. While you can shop online to find a good mattress, there is nothing like feeling the texture and comfort of a mattress while shopping around.

Check online for the mattress stores in your area and go ahead and map them out. While you are online, why not spend some time checking out the pricing and benefits of the mattresses? This will save you time for your mattress shopping expedition.

Remember The Good Times

Think about your best nights of sleep. Why did you sleep so well? Do you recall what kind of mattress you were sleeping on? Was it memory foam? Was it hard? Was it soft? Spend some time pondering what kind of “sleeper” you are. This will help you to look for the mattresses that you recognize are the right kind for you.

How Do I Find A Top Quality Mattress For A Cheap Price?

This is where things may get somewhat tricky. While you may want the mattress with the most advanced sleep technology and the perfect level of softness and firmness at the same time, your wallet may have something else in mind. How then, do you find the mattress that will provide you with the night of sleep that your body not only needs, but demands, but at a price that you can afford.

Patience, Patience, Patience

It will take patience. Just like any great find and buy, you can’t rush it. It’s important to remember that spending money on your sleep is an investment. You want to buy a mattress that will provide you with the maximum comfort possible. A mattress can last for years to come and you want to be sure that you don’t forget quality in your search.

If The Price Is Right..

The first thing to do when looking for your mattress is to find the one that is right for you. As you explore the different stores and you find the mattresses that you feel good about, start looking into the prices. It is most likely that the mattresses that you like the most are the ones that are a bit more expensive.

Can you afford the mattress that you love, even if it means cutting back on extras that you don’t really need? If so, it is a good idea to get a mattress that is everything that you are looking for. Yes, it may be costly, but getting several years of good sleep out of it is something that you may consider to be worth it.

Look For Sales

If the answer is a definite no, then start looking for sales. While this may take you waiting a bit for the right mattress, you may be happy you did. Many stores will have bimonthly sales to make room for new products. When this happens you may find the ideal mattress for a much lower price than the original tag.

Look For Defective Mattresses

Before you shout “Hell No!” listen up; some mattresses may have a very slight defect, but can’t be sold at normal price due to store policy. These top quality mattresses can still ensure that you get a fantastic night of sleep, yet at a price that you can afford. Unless, you are a highly picky consumer, the idea of buying a great mattress at a low price may be a dream come true.

Visit Mattress Outlets

While this tip may mean you visiting a neighboring city that has an outlet, the drive may be worth it if you find the mattress of your dreams within your budget. Many outlets have quality mattresses priced lower than normal. It’s a win-win situation.

What About A Payment Plan?

How is your credit? If you are doing alright when it comes to paying off your card, you may want to look into any options that you can find for paying a mattress over time. While it may not mean a cheaper mattress, you can look at the plan as renting a good nights sleep until you pay it off. It’s a fantastic way to buy a mattress that you may not be able to afford in one shot, but one that you really want.

In Conclusion

In your search for the perfect mattress, be patient. The saying that good things take time is just as true with mattress buying as it is with anything else. Do your research first at home and then set aside some time to get the “feeling” of potential mattresses. Determine how much you are willing to spend on the mattress of your dreams and if you can’t afford the full price of the one you want, take some time to search for sales, discounts, and promotions. You may find exactly what you are looking for, for a much cheaper price than the original one.

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