Brentwood Home 13 Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress Review


A mattress is an essential aspect to the health and condition of your body, as it allows for the body to be properly restored each night. With so many mattresses to choose from, selecting the right one is key to ensuring a good and comfortable sleep. The Brentwood Home Gel Memory Foam Mattress provides users with over three inches of gel memory foam for a feeling of personalized support and relaxing sensation when sleeping every night.


Product Features and Specifications

Available Sizes: This specific mattress has a height of 13 inches, a measured width of 76 inches and a total length of around 80 inches. The mattress weighs 65 pounds.

Materials Used: This foam mattress consists of a CertiPUR-US gel memory foam that is entirely free from heavy metals, formaldehyde and flame retardants. The top portion of the mattress is lined with all-natural wool for a more comfortable sleep.

Comfortability: The mattress is designed specifically to adjust to the shape and curves of the body for relief at pressure points. An extra layer is placed on top of the mattress for additional comfort. Comfort levels are rated at a medium firm.

Durability: The mattress comes with a 25 year warranty that’s provided as a means of ensuring quality. This warranty effectively protects against any manufacturing defects or premature sagging.

Thickness: At a thickness of 13 inches, several layers can be found on the mattress, each of which assist in keeping your body comfortable and healthy. It’s topped with a 3.5 inch gel infused memory foam layer. This layer is followed by by a 2 inch ventilated layer for additional airflow. A 7.5 inch therapeutic base ensures lasting support.

Safety Features: This mattress has been given the CentiPUR-US certification, which indicates that it’s free of flame retardants, formaldehyde, ozone depleters and heavy metals. It’s been tested to meet requirements from the Standard for the Flammability of Mattress Sets, and has passed all of these tests.

Provided Weight Limit: No exact weight capacity is provided by the manufacturer. However, reviews indicate that people well over 300 pounds are able to sleep on it comfortably, without it bottoming out.

Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • With the inclusion of both a 3.5 inch memory foam layer and 2 inch ventilated airflow layer, it’s designed primarily to ensure that the user is completely comfortable, no matter their sleeping position. The memory foam has a high quality gel infusion that works great for relief of pressure points.
  • The wool surface wicks away any moisture that develops throughout the night, and can resist odors, adapt to body temperatures and operate as a fire barrier, which helps the user get the most out of their mattress.
  • The 25 year warranty is a very lengthy warranty for a mattress, and helps to ensures that the initial investment is protected in the event of an unexpected issue, such as early sagging.
  • The thick 7.5 support base has a variety of benefits for the user. For one, it operates as a thick base that fully absorbs the weight of the customer. This assists with noise prevention by dampening any motion transfer due to movements when in bed. It also offers a lot of therapeutic support, including back pain and soreness prevention.
  • With the CentiPUR-US certification, users can be confident that the mattress has gone through rigorous testing. Not only does this testing make sure that the mattress is durable and of a high quality, it also states that the mattress has low VOC emissions for better indoor air quality, is free from heavy metals and doesn’t contain any flame retardants.

The Cons

  • Some purchasers of the product believe the mattress to be somewhat firmer than they would have liked for a memory foam mattress. While these purchasers stated that the mattress does conform to the body, it’s not quite as plush as they first thought.
  • Upon unpacking the mattress, there can be times when the corners don’t expand as they should to a flat shape with the remainder of the mattress. In this eventuality, the very corners of the mattress will be slightly rounded downward. Not many purchasers thought that this affected the comfort levels, just the appearance of the mattress itself.
  • A selection of people that purchased the product found that there was some heat retention when lying on the mattress, which basically made it warmer than they were comfortable with. This does not seem to affect everyone equally.

Customer Opinions

Many reviewers for the Brentwood Home Memory Foam mattress found that the compression of the mattress upon delivery did not adversely affect the rate at which the mattress expands once unpacked. The mattress was ready to be slept on in no time. A selection of reviewers were happy about the 25 year warranty that comes with the mattress, as they found that this is lengthier than other memory foam warranties. Most reported that no smell was present when unboxing the mattress.

Larger users of the mattress reported that it felt like “sleeping on a cloud”, and that it supported their weight very well. Though comfort levels vary slightly among the many customers, most feel that the comfort is high when sleeping on this mattress. There were a few reports that stated that the corners were bent downward even after expansion, but that this didn’t affect how it felt when laying on it.

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Final Verdict

The Brentwood Home Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress is a high quality, durable mattress that offers customers a comfortable and relaxing place to sleep at night. The memory foam works well to adjust to the contours of the body, while the 25 year warranty offers protection in case the mattress doesn’t retain its shape and form. The pressure point relief found with this product helps to restore your body and keep it healthy. If you want a memory foam mattress that’s soft, well rated and has a high weight capacity, the Brentwood Home mattress is highly recommended.

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