Best Price 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review


Best Price 10 Inch Memory Foam MattressSleeping the recommended 8 hours a day may seem like it is not that much time, but 8 hours is a third of a day. Add this time over years, and the amount of time lying on a mattress can be surprising. With this is mind, having the best sleep possible is very important to make the other two-thirds of your day to be productive and for you to be rested. With this in mind, choosing the right mattress is directly linked to the quality of sleep that you get. This is where a Best Price 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress shines in giving you a restful and cozy place to sleep for a very great price.

Product Features and Specifications

Sizes: the mattress is available in Twin 39″ x 75″ x 10,” Full 54″ x 75″ x 10,” and Queen 60″ x 80″ x 10″

Thickness: Being a great 10 inches of memory foam, this mattress feels like you are sleeping on a cloud.

Materials: Certified memory foam makes up the materials used, and they have designed different places in the mattress to have different levels of softness in the mattress to create more comfort for the body.

Comfort: This memory foam mattress has different places in the mattress that provide natural pressure points in the mattress that make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

Durability: Coming with a 10-year warrantee, the Best Price 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress provides a great promise of length and durability. This long of a warrantee allows for the customer to have peace of mind in knowing that their mattress will last a long time.

Safety: The mattress is CertiPUR-US Certified by being tested in a lab for materials, durability, and more, and this ensures that every mattress is guaranteed to be just as great as the next one. Going through this certification process for all of their products, they make sure to provide the highest quality to their customers.

Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Its density makes it feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. People large and small will feel like they are floating while they are sleeping because of how thick thick the mattress is.
  • Its 10-year warrantee makes for a long time of sleeping comfortably.
  • Delivery by FedEx is reliable and direct. This professional service makes the shipping easy and safe.
  • Being CertiPUR-US Certified, this guarantees that the mattress is what it says it is and that it will last as long as it says it will.
  • The price of the mattress is very competitive. The price is a fraction of the amount that a store or other sites will make you pay.
  • The softness of the mattress is very comfortable. The specially designed memory foam pressure points provides the body with the best night’s sleep possible.
  • Having many different options of sizing makes it easy to choose the right size for the right bed. The specifications are easily laid out for you to see it.

The Cons

  • The mattress is very soft and sinks with the body, and some people do not like this for sleeping.
  • A small amount of people said that the mattress lost its elasticity over time.
  • Some people said that there was an initial smell when they first unpacked the mattress. This did, however, disappear over time.
  • A few people who claim to be side sleepers say that the mattress is not very comfortable for them.

Customer Opinions

A vast majority (over 85 percent) of the people who bought the mattress loved it. They compared it to Tempurpedic mattresses, and they were greatly pleased because of how much less this mattress cost them. A lot of customers were surprised when they saw that the mattress came in such a small package, and then were pleasantly surprised when it rose to its full thickness. Many customers that tried all kinds of mattresses fell in love with this memory foam mattress.

Many of the people loved the softness of the Best price 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress. Some even were apprehensive to buy this mattress at first because they have either seen reviews or known people that have owned memory foam mattresses and hated them. Between these reviews and the large prices of other mattresses, they wouldn’t buy a memory foam mattress. When they came across these mattresses, they were astonished by how great of a mattress it is and how low the price was.

Some customers said that there was a distinct odor coming from the mattress early on, but they said that it went away after some time in the open air. Similarly, some people claimed that the mattress wasn’t quite as thick as it claimed to be, but the retracted these statements after they let the mattress rise. The manufacturer even recommends it sits out for 48-72 hours before using it.

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The Final Verdict

Choosing the right mattress can be a daunting task. With hundreds upon hundreds of choices and so many reviews to sift through, finding the ONE can be very difficult. With a track record that has lasted and customer after customer positively reviewing the Best Price 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress, this is the best quality for the best price anyone can find. Between restful sleep and extra cash in the wallet, this mattress completely blows the competition away when they try to find a better mattress. Memory foam isn’t for everybody, however. Some people like pillow top mattresses and some like spring mattresses, but memory foam is the way to go for more and more people. Although the price for many memory foam mattresses can range upwards in the 1000’s, the Best Price 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress really is the best price for the same quality as those 1000-4000 dollar mattresses. With the price being as low as it is, the Best Price 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress has made owning a memory foam mattress affordable for anyone.

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